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Artist Statement

Inspiration for the jewellery I create has always come to me from both the arts as a whole as well as from nature which provides such a bountiful supply of textures, shapes and colours.


Working with my hands has always captured my imagination and the process of transforming metal and other “raw” materials into a beautiful piece of jewellery is what gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction.

I remember being a young girl watching "the Masters" hammering, forging, sanding, filing and the fascination it brought with it. Now many years later this power still grabs me, fascinates me and propels me to create new pieces which are my passion and joy brought to life.

The thoughts and ideas come together as I “play” at my workbench and the ideas evolve as one element leads to another, finding perfect balance in dualities. The various methods and textures I use on a surface give it depth, enrich and breathe life into it, giving it a sense of personality.

The process of creating a new piece of jewellery is a deeply satisfying and joyful experience, which I hope to be able to pass on to the person wearing it and appreciating it as much as I did creating and making it.

Karin Schieber

Gold & Silversmith

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